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Open world?

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CMDR Duckenheart:
I recognize Freespace 2 is a linear mission-based game. Most of the mods I see seem to follow suit. This is not a deal-breaker for me, but it would be nice to have an open world(s?) experience.

Theoretically, is this possible? If true open-world gameplay is not, what about the possibility of open-ended environments? (maybe some smaller stages held together by jump gates or something.)

Has anyone achieved this before? While I am aware the Freespace series has always been about action, I think combining this with some form of exploration could make for a fun experience.

I apologize if this has already been discussed. I promise I searched the forums before posting. In fact, the reason I took to the forums stems from the lack of relevant results when I searched this on google.

Axem made something like that. Basically a set of empty missions with some random ships, but you can use jump nodes to travel between the areas. Nothing but a basic prototype, but working.

CMDR Duckenheart:
I will be sure to check this out. I appreciate the swift response! Maybe it's something I shouldn't tackle right away but it gives me hope that it's possible.

You should temper your hopes honestly. The engine was strictly not designed for this kind of stuff. The game space is limited if we're putting it into a single mission (You could split it into multiple mission but good god that's not going to be fun to work with), creating frameworks to fill this open world with is immensely time consuming and, even with Axem's prototype, if you want anything more than just flying around basic setpieces, the complexity increases exponentially. Not to mention the pains of implementing a save system into this.

It's possible to somewhat fake it but it's never worth the gigantic amounts of effort. IMO if you want to make an open-world space game, you'd be better off just starting from scratch on a different engine, depending on your vision for it.

I don't think Freespace would work too well as an open world thing.  If you like open world in a space setting, I suggest playing Freelancer, but it's not on Steam or GOG


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