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Open world?

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Hop over to the HLP discord, and you can find my name to PM on the SCP Dev roster on the right side  :)


--- Quote from: CMDR Duckenheart on January 22, 2022, 03:34:10 am ---
--- Quote from: Strygon on January 22, 2022, 12:44:14 am ---Quick question, are you intending to take on all aspects of the mod by yourself? That is, ships, effects, level design, etc. ?

--- End quote ---

Initially. I'm not so sure anymore. That said, I've never gotten a good outcome from trying to start a team. I would love help but I don't bring much to the table to make it worth anyone's while. At least not with how little I know now. Asking for said help with nothing to offer is so intimidating to me.

--- End quote ---

My point with this was more, you really should accept more people on deck rather than try to tackle a megaproject on your own. Especially with the scope of what I suspect you're trying to go for, I seriously doubt a single person can pull it off, and this community is helpful and open so you shouldn't shy from asking for help. There's bound to be someone willing to give assistance.

indeed, pulling off something like that usually is something very few modders manage...

Pulling off a fully realized open world with a lot of content and new art would take a big team. A bare bones proof of concept of the mechanics and code that leans on systems instead of content might not though.


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