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Missing Microsoft Sam
I recently got Freespace 2 Open working again and I just got Just Another Day, but it is simply not the same without Microsoft Sam reading the the dialog for me. Since I am using Windows 7, Microsoft Sam has been replaced by Microsoft Anna, who just doesn't have the same comedic effect that Sam had while playing JAD.

Is there any way you might know of how I can get Microsoft Sam for Windows 7 and thus allowing me to change the computer-generated voice in the FSO Launcher?

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Re: Missing Microsoft Sam
I double that, I've played all with Anna. Would like to hear Sam as well.
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Re: Missing Microsoft Sam
Well I don't quite know what JAD has to do with Microsoft Sam missing, but a Google search for "Microsoft Sam Windows 7" turns up some hits.


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Re: Missing Microsoft Sam
Well I don't quite know what JAD has to do with Microsoft Sam missing, ...

MS Sam had main-billing in JAD3!  (but he obviously messed up his contract seeing as he was dropped for JAD:2.21 and JAD:XA  :lol:)

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