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HLP IRC-channel was created nearly three years ago and it is still alive and kicking. Those who have been frequent visitors to the channel certainly would like to see new people joining them. If you like real-time discussion with the people you've got to know in the forums, now is your chance.

If you've been unable to join our IRC-channel due to various technical issues, you can now thanks to services such as Mibbit. No more need to install an IRC-client, no more need to meddle with odd settings and no more need to worry about firewalls and other networking issues.

In fact, click this link and select yourself a nick and you're good to go. The link automatically connects you to the correct IRC-server and channel, all you need to do is a web-browser. Which you do if you're reading this. If you prefer a local client software instead, feel free to pick one. And if you're curious what exactly is IRC about, read more here.

If you want to join multiple channels at once, such as #hard-light, #scp (The FreeSpace Source Code Project) and #scp-fsu (The FreeSpace Upgrade Project), you can use this link or modify it for your needs.

Mibbit fully supports most standard IRC commands. Most common being how to join additional channels after you have connected to server, this can be done via typing /j #channelname or /join #channelname in chat input field.

(Some advertising some odd-year doesn't hurt, eh... :p)
And special thanks to chief1983 and Axem for keeping some resemblance of order in the channel when it was needed in stead of the admins.

Haha I just did this 2 days ago for FotG.  Also, Axem has also been a big help in the order-keeping department.

Wow that certainly brought quite a few new people to the channel.

(Also remember to join #scp-swc and #diaspora!)

It did? I see one new name. :nervous:

Blue Lion:
It got up to about 34 people at one point.


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