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I got the game running but as soon as I try to start the first Mission it crashes. 


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I'd suggest you to go into the mod's Details page, Options button, "Run fast debug". Launch and play until you hit the crash, then use the "upload debug log" option from the same menu, and share the link here.

Although I do believe that Friends and Foes were made for a much older build than it installs by default, I would personally try running it on 19.0.0 and seeing how it goes. You can choose it in the same Options menu, "FSO Settings" option, pick the build from the list. If you don't have that build accessible in the list, go to Knossos settings (gear in topright corner, Knossos settings), mark the "Show builds in mod list" checkbox, go to Explore tab, find the "FSO" mod, enter its Details page, choose the 19.0.0 version in the top left corner, then hit "Install". Once it's done, the option to run 19.0.0 should appear in the FSO Settings of a mod you're trying to run.
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