Author Topic: Subobject translation in 3.6.10?  (Read 1353 times)

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Subobject translation in 3.6.10?
Will it be in?
Right now we can only rotate subobjects, so making things like sliding doors requires a rather clumsy workaround (3 subobjects per door). This goes against the subobject limit and is rather impractical on stations/ships with 5-6 double doors.

so what say you code-wizzards? ;7
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Re: Subobject translation in 3.6.10?
Incredibly unlikely.

I doubt we even have working code for it any more and even if we do it's not been bug tested.
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Re: Subobject translation in 3.6.10?
But it would be very useful, and I doubt only TrashMan is the one looking forward to its implementation.