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Screencap Contest: November 2020
I am a somber man, with somber ideals. In keeping with the tone that currently is consuming my country, this month's theme is Civil War. Show me Terrans shooting Terrans, Vasudans upper cutting Zealots. Shivans vs....Shivans? Never heard of it, but show me it anyways.

The rules are:

1: No HUD! (Jump nodes are ok though!)
2: Images must be presented as they would be as seen with only the FSO engine rendering the image. Remember that these entries help to show off what the engine can do for new players! So that means no after the fact photoshopping (except for cropping), and no external shader programs (reshade and the like). No lens flares, contrast shifts, colorizers, etc.
3: Max 3 entries per person!
4: Again, these screenshots are a way to promote Freespace and the FSO Engine - let's keep it in good taste.


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Re: Screencap Contest: November 2020


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Re: Screencap Contest: November 2020
So I showed Orion reskins for Adhara Coalition and Regulus Syndicate, then passed them to Mobius... What can possibly go wrong :]?

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Re: Screencap Contest: November 2020
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