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Give me beams... Small JAD2.2 Preview

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The peeps on IRC have been getting an occasional sneak peak at the next installment in the JAD saga. JAD4Ever? No no no! Why it's JAD2.2!

Taking place after JAD2, where you DIDN'T destroy the NTSC Pal, which it go to FRED and swallow him up in a plot hole (I mean you did that, right?), JAD2.2 follows the adventure of Alpha 1 as he battles the hidden demons that FRED sealed away in the darkest parts of his dimension. The BETA TESTERS.

What's that? I'm being told that Alpha 1 is on vacation... Well shucks. I guess we'll have to find someone else then...

In any case, JAD2.2 will be split into two parts (I heard this is the popular thing to do). JAD2.21: YOU ARE (NOT) ALPHA 1, and JAD2.22: YOU CAN (NOT) WIN. Both around 6-ish missions.

Axem, this is starting to sound a whole like an Evangelion parody. Didn't you do that already? Well, kinda... FreeSpace is still my target in this campaign, but Eva provides a backing I can steal borrow from. I mean it's got an actual plot! (The campaign I mean, the jury is still out on Eva) So worry not. Just look at the awesome stuff down below!

Like this earlyish version of the first mission. Stuff has changed since, but that won't stop you ooing and aahing. (Try to watch it in HD so you can read the text)


Introducing: Experimental Prototype Ezechiel Unit 01

Look who's back!

Your tongues won't be able to repel magnitude of this flavor. (Alternate caption, Asiago's Dirge)

OOOooooooooooooh. Shiny!

Looking forward to it, always a pleasure playing your missions Axem.

YAY!  Tron ship!

Eva parody, away!

If you want to run with that, I could toss you some lines from better-recognized fanwork. :P

Commander Zane:


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