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Shadows of Kraken is the bestest campaign evar

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Commander Zane:
Shadows of Kraken wasn't all that bad actually. Maybe it's bad compared to the JADs and Vassago's Dirge or some of the campaigns from other members, but not too bad in its own right. It has some obvious quirks that I accidentally discovered by playing on Very Easy without noticing (Hostile Terran ships were never missing with their AAA beams, found out they were AAAf's), couldn't finish the fourth or fifth mission from certain objectives or events never occuring, and a Captain flying an Elysium, of all things (Which on the note of dialogue some of it is of substandard quality).

It's a short, quick campaign that despite being a first release it didn't leave me headdesking every ten seconds yelling "What the **** is this ****, what is going on here nothing makes sense!"

It was worth playing at least one time.

oh come now! SoK wasn't THAT bad! not to mention that it did serve it's purpose and evolved into the masterpiece that is vassago...

Hey, let me be hard on myself on old campaigns. :p


--- Quote from: Axem on October 09, 2011, 12:29:57 pm ---Hey, let me be hard on myself on old campaigns. :p

--- End quote ---

Abso****lutely not. You inspired one of my mad theories about the nature of Shivans with that campaign.


I'm not sure how to take that...


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