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I havent plaid any JADs but its sooooooo obivions thats just a bunch of anime fanboys (wich im sorry but it means ur gay) i mean look at teh guy that maid them spoon is more liek SPOON FEEDING and teh fanservise wich part was ok but it suks 1/5

Axem must hate love, because all FRED ever wanted to be loved, and where did it get him? NOWHERE. 1 star, because the author has no heart.

Shivan Hunter:
1. Scrap the retarded FRED jokes. In fact, remove all of the FRED references altogether - it's ****ing gay. Also I recommend you stop liking FRED period, you'll be a much better person for it and if you're lucky all the cool kids will stop picking on you.

2. Drop the retarded jokes. If you are having trouble telling which jokes in your campaigns are retarded, here is a handy guide: All of them.

3. Stop blatantly ripping off Freespace 3: The Search for Bosch. You disgrace its good name.

4. Add Gargants. 'Nuff said.

There, I hope you found this useful. If you follow all of my advice, I'm sure JAD 5 will be an overwhelming success!

~Darthwang penis

All the JAD campaigns are complete garbage! They have exquisite mission design, engaging plots, memorable characters, great music selection, and in this latest installment, inventive custom weapons. "But red, those are all good things! How can you say they're garbage?"

HOW?! I'll tell you how. Because all this work is squandered on silly jokes and anime references! Freespace is a SERIOUS game. When I sit down to play FS, I'm not doing it to laugh and have fun, I'm doing it for the dark, gritty, and mature gaming experience (for mature gamers such as myself). Instead what do we get? "Wheeeee, I'm going to pour years of my life into making disco jokes and references to ****ty chinese robot cartoons that don't even make a lick of sense." I mean bloody hell, the last JAD wasn't even original, it's just a copypaste of that retarded Evangelical robot cartoon everyone seems to love so much.

A complete waste of talent and effort. Zero stars. Thumbs down. 0/10, etc.

PS: and don't try and use VD (aka Venereal Disease! HA!) to prove me wrong. That was nothing but a bunch of pretentious hipster nonsense...

JAD? More like BAD! Emmirite?

A++ fail, would not play again. It's not even worth explaining why I don't like it!

1/5 (Disco Inferno is the only reason this isn't a big fat zilch. Stop modding.)

(That said, I've really gotta play the new one, but having to use nightly builds is blegh)


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