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Unable to find a sufficient number of bitmaps for this mission's background

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--- Quote from: Inglonias on November 04, 2011, 09:38:39 pm ---See, you could have told me that before I started a fresh install.

On the other hand, that's probably just my fault.

We'll find out after my full install is complete.

--- End quote ---

Wut? You are the one who didn't wait for someone to give you feedback based on your log...

Anyway... Other things I noticed that may cause issues with the latest JAD. You are running 3.6.12 builds. I'm pretty sure JAD is optimized for a Nightly (3.6.13).

Also, you seem to have Freespace installed to your C:\Program Files (x86) directory. That is almost certain to cause issues at some point. We recommend you move it to C:\Games\Freespace2 or something.

JAD Collector's Edition was built for 3.6.12, so it should work without a hitch. Even then JAD should work (in theory) without mediavps because everything uses retail assets (including the backgrounds!)

I will have a look at this tomorrow morning.

As compensation for ruining your play-through, you are entitled to a free muffin!

Any one have any luck reproducing this? I can't seem to do it. :(

Did the reinstall fix anything, Inglonias?

Reinstall solved the problem. I guess it was the Media VPs fault all along!

Sorry for acting in a panic, but its all fixed now. Great campaigns. Love em, etc...


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