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Tales from the Hyper Galactic Friendship Fighting Fusion Force Ultra Union Club Room (or just "Tales from the Club Room") are a collection of totally irrelevant fluffy stories that have zero to do with any actual plot, character development or non-status-quo like conditions. While these all nebulously take place during JAD2.22 (not yet released), there's no "spoilers" or connections with JAD2.22. Just a wierd group of friends dealing with things like recieving anonymous love letters, making new friends, and being put on trial.

The Tales

* Meet Holley and Delta 1
* Lessons in Sharing
* School Prez
* Love Letter - Coming in August
Tales from the Clubroom updates monthly!!

Before we actually get into the real Tales, maybe you haven't played JAD2.21 (yet). Maybe you have no idea who these weird characters are (and mind you there are a lot of them). So then, let's give some introductions to our primary power movers: Holley and Delta 1. Here's a pair of stories that will lead into their real first non-prologue missions in the next release of JAD2.21.

Meet Holley

"Holley? How about you?" A voice asked.
The class went silent.
"Huh?" Holley had been turned around at her desk, talking with Meddy, one of her friends. The voice calling her was the teacher. He had a long and complicated last name, so everyone just called him Mr. K. Holley looked around and saw all eyes were on her. Ah, she thought, I know exactly what's going on. Holley had a reputation of forgetting her homework, though she preferred the term ignore.
Mr. K had been picking on Holley for the last week to shame her and to humiliate her by asking to share pointless homework assignments that would never be needed again. Literary analysis of the Proto-Neo-Terran plays: boring! Geography of Vasuda Prime: worthless! Holley was waiting. Waiting for the right moment to strike. One day she would have her homework done, and she would show that teacher she wasn't some dumb air-headed girl! She was unaware, of course, that this was the plan all along.
Holley got up from her desk with a piece of holopaper and began to walk with great strides to the front. The short blonde girl began to radiate an almost visible aura of invincibility. "Could this be the day?" The students began to murmur. Holley arrived at the front of the class. Her bright blue eyes focused on the teacher. She grinned. Holley then turned to the class, and took a deep breath.
"Alpha 1. Biggest hero? Or Greatest Hero?" Holley began, louder than usual. "For a man who has saved our universe from everything that could be thrown at it, he defies labels and titles. He knows no discrimination! No prejudice! He saves Terran and Vasudan alike, from the forces of evil and the corrupt! That is why he is my hero! One day I will meet him, we will become best friends, and he will become my husband! We will go on adventures all across the universe! We will save it from destruction! Spread the ideals that our fathers and mothers have instilled into us: Freedom! Love! And uh..." Holley stumbled for a second. She was missing her second page. Shoot, what was the third one? Holley mentally cursed at the giant drawing of her and Alpha 1 that took up most of the page. It really belonged on its own cover page, anyway.
"Justice!" Meddy called out from the back of  the class.
"Right, justice!" Holley would have to ad-lib the rest.
Mr. K took the momentary pause to interrupt. "Very nice speech, Holley." He said with a slightly confused expression on his face. Could it be the face of defeat? It quickly changed to a frown once again. "Except I was more interested in your math homework. The hero essay was from a month ago."
Foiled again?! No! Holley would spin this around, somehow. "And until Alpha 1 returns I will continue my homework strike! Such a poor girl like me cannot continue on while in such deep despair! You can't give a failing grade to such a brave political prisoner like me!"
"See me after class, Holley." The mentally exhausted teacher had heard enough. Holley began walking back to her desk, slouched over her single holo-paper.
The lights suddenly went dim, and then red. Sirens began to blare.
"Hostile entities are projected to arrive in our immediate area," A voice came from the intercom. "This is not a drill. All students and staff, please proceed with Evacuation Plan Zeta 56." The normal reaction to that would be fear or panic, but everyone seemed more annoyed or just blasé about it.
"What, again?" Someone in the class cried out. They evacuated last week when a space pigeon got too close to a radar station.
Holley just smiled. She had a different feeling about this one. So what if she was bad at homework? She had other strengths: Fighter flying! All those hours in the space sim were about to pay off. Today was really the day she would show them! She just had one last obstacle before she could prove her might on the galactic stage.
Her father.

And of course when you play the mission after you'll see why Holley's fears are a little inflated!

Meet Delta 1

"Sheriff of a frontier system?"
"Pass." he said.
"Guest lecturer for Disco Technical University?"
"Nope." he rejected again.
"Test pilot..."
Oh, now that was interesting. But still: "No." Delta 1 faced his agent with a bored look. "C'mon man. I know you've got something bigger than all of this. Don't give me this 'I'm just a one man show' stuff." He leaned back in his chair. "I saw you meeting with those trench coat people." He ran his hand through his bright red hair. It was excellent at catching the light, gave it a good sheen. Excellent for still portraits. Delta 1 practiced these movements, he had to make sure it would look natural.
"Ha-ha. You have good perception, kind sir." His agent, Clyde Ritter said. The 40-something man with a bad suit and equally bad tie got up and put a holo-folder in front of Delta 1. "I was talking with the FRED Knossos Joint Super Defense Force."
"Who are they?" Delta 1 was still a bit skeptical, and bored. He played with the zippers on his leather jacket. "Hey, zippers are in right now, right?"
"You're riding the tail end of that wave. Inside out jackets are scheduled to be the next hit in a month. I'll send you some samples." Clyde answered. "The FKJSDF is super classified. Super high risk. But also high reward."
"What?!" Delta 1 didn't like the sound of that. He just bought his new jacket last week. "Wait, classified? That's no good either. How am I supposed to be a people's hero if no one can hear about me?"
"We're looking at getting the media embargo taken down too." Clyde reassured. "You're not the only one with that worry. Lots of endorsement deals on the way. These classified ops needs money quick and the Security Council is deadlocked over stamp collecting tariffs."
Delta 1 got up from his chair and paced around the office. He was taller than most people his own age. While he was only 19, he could pass from 22-25. 27 if he grew a beard. "Okay, this is sounding a little better. What would I be doing exactly?"
"You would be fighting more of these Beta Tester things. You know that weird beaming fighter you fought that started your rise to fame? More of that."
"Huh..." Delta 1 stopped pacing. Okay, that was easy. He could do more of that. Flying was his idea of fun. "How many Beta Testers are there?"
"Rumors say like 12 or 13. Maybe even 14 if pacing's not rushed."
"So just... 12-ish more?"
"Ah, no no. Sorry. The first two are like classified super-duper can't tell you. They're not a problem anyway. Or so I hear." Clyde looked around for anyone who might have overheard this. "Anyway, you killed the third. It just goes up from there."
"Okay, so... 9 more."
"Eh..." The agent hesitated, trying to find the right words to put together. "Again, not quite. Someone else has been in the Beta Tester killing game. They've already taken down two. It's really nothing to worry about."
"TWO?! That's twice as many as me!" Delta 1 almost began to panic. "Why didn't anyone tell me I had a rival?! Who is this? I'll stomp him!" He made a note to research dueling techniques. Would he need a good finishing move? There was too much going on.
"She's the daughter of some colonel hotshot. Nothing to worry about. She just got lucky, that's all."
"She? High profile daughter?" This changed everything. "Is she hot? Is she cute?"
"Uh, sure." Clyde pulled up a picture on a monitor. "If you're into that kind of thing. Here, that's her." Delta 1 saw a young girl with messy blonde hair, sticking her tongue out at the camera. The picture was captioned: Student ID - 105657 Holley M.
"Are they really letting 12 year olds save the universe again?" No, this didn't change anything. In fact this made things easier. These Beta Testers couldn't be THAT tough if a brat like that could defeat them.
"She's, uh, 17." Clyde turned the monitor off. "Like I said, she's nothing to worry about. Just dazzle everyone with your charm. We'll make sure she's out of the picture for your big entrance."
"Awesome." Delta 1 looked at his watch. "I got to go. Eye appointment. They said this shade of green won't look good on cameras." Delta 1 said his goodbyes to Clyde and left. As Delta 1 was leaving to the hangar he had a weird thought.
Wait, we'll make sure? Who's we?

And of course when you play the missions after, you'll see that Holley and Delta 1 become... well, close enough to friends anyway.


I'm liking this delta 1 guy even more! Also, red haired? didn't see that one coming.

These are great, I love em.

Nice, I'm looking forward to the next instalment of HGFFFFUUCR :D


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