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In this chapter, even more HOLY FANFIC FUEL BATMAN

Spoiler:Twintails, Wynter as she was marked in the mission, is blamed for getting them captured. That's cool with her, though, because she's perving on Justice. Double facepalm that I wrote that line, for the record. Think he's taken, lady.

She forgot the translator, and is now going to attempt to speak our language. Tempest thinks this will be good. She's going to talk lolcats or something, isn't she?

No, but she is going to say "WE COME IN PEACE" and you are so lucky Spoon hasn't given me an option to throw you out the ****ing airlock for that one, Wynter. You gain minor points by suggesting we torture your uptight companion, though. I'm cool with that, because **** space elves. And HOLY FANFIC FUEL BATMAN, she actually tries to get some alone time with Justice on her third line in English.

Tempest gets upset. Damn, so much for the OTP. Dawn! She's muscling in on our man! Come on!

...HOLY FANFIC FUEL BATMAN...I'm pretty sure Wynter just moaned about being checked for weapons by Tempest. Jesus, are you for real lady? And if you are, why are you even still wearing clothes?

And Dawn threatens Wynter with the Comfy Chair. So, what am I, asks Dawn. Well, you're an esper, but the guy writing this is just going to keep calling you a Newtype since he finished watching MS Gundam a week ago and is working his way through Zeta right now. These two geniuses tried to pull Dawn out of subspace, nearly killing her, so I have them to thank for my freedom but seriously **** space elves.

Also, they're not in the regular fleet, and in fact aren't finished with academy. I feel as though I've been insulted. Perhaps I'll get to space them for it? A man and his female avatar ingame can dream! And they are here because...the Cyrvans have a cunning plan. Or one of them does. To use Dawn for something. Also Dawn is the Antichrist, or something.


And then we get Breaker'd by our Cryvan Overlords and the game's over.


--- Quote ---THERE IS NO DEBRIEFING FOR THIS MISSION! SPOON! Bad! Wait what. I failed? I'm pretty sure I won. I chased the MCWS off and everything! I don't think Spoon considered I and my endless supply of homing lasers could do this.
--- End quote ---
Was this in the ostfront mission or the last mission? Cause in the last mission this has been a reported bug that is incredibly elusive and not even best fredder, Axem, could figure it out.

--- Quote ---Anyone up for more bugs? I was too close to the Zephyr when the directive popped, so now it's popped but I can't leave until the drone gets back but there's nothing to tell me that so I spend the next minute thinking the mission is broken.
--- End quote ---
Sorry about that. (that was a new one for me)

There are no Cryvan fighters in the Ostfront mission. From my experience it appeared to be something to do with the appearance of the directive to jump out vs. the last line of dialogue being later, but if it's something else, welp.

The CSA Brillant Empyrean deploys a few if you stick around for too long. The bug is super weird because the player is at no point in the mission 'allowed' to jump out. And the only end mission trigger should be impossible to trigger at that point. It's a mystery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, thanks for your amusing play by play.

This is a fantastic rebuild of Wings of Dawn. Spoon's kept what worked from the original WOD, improved what was lacking, and made the whole package into a more mature and nuanced work.

We've still got coolio spaceships and guns (and now multilock! hnnng), rocking music, and more anime styled character art. The variety of missions and use of space terrain is a lot of fun. Part of me wants to say "let's fight somewhere other than around an asteroid," but the rest of me realizes there's not much else in space. I especially liked laying traps for the pirates and making the GOTTA GO FAST run on the space colony. The Zephyr and its small crew keep the SPACE ADVENTURE type campaign alive, like Homesick or WOD: Stranded; always a fun time. Also, props for the canopy cracks as your fighter takes damage. I love that kind of ****.

My main gripe with WOD1 was that most of the characters didn't have... character, they were just faceless wingmates, so why bother? So I was really glad to see this has basically been turned around completely and now we have art for everyone and even ZOMG personalities, interpersonal dynamics, and even dialogue trees like some kind of RPG or VN. I particularly liked the Wynter/Akyha dynamic. Furthermore there was another gripe I didn't realize I had until I saw how much better it is in nuWOD, that being the setting didn't seem very fleshed out. It was just "there was a UEU, then war with Cyrvans, now we're bros and it's time to fight aliens, gg." The various Terran factions and their uneasy peace in the face of Cyrvan invasion feels much more believable, and getting to see it all from an outsider's point of view keeps any one of them from being the obvious "good guy's" or whatever.

There are also a lot of little things that basically go unnoticed and unappreciated unless they're missing. Like the characters commenting on how well equipped the pirates are or how much use they get out of the rearm drone, lol.

I keep in touch with Spoon and Axem pretty regularly on IRC, so I've seen bits and pieces of their scripting magic over the past few years. Seeing it all at once in a single campaign is mind-blowing though. If it weren't for like the HUD and briefing layout I wouldn't know it's FS.

So there's the praise, now for the crits:
Dawn doesn't seem to care at all about the UEU ending, which I thought was weird. Maybe it can be chalked up to the drugs, but it would have been nice to see a little more of her adjusting to the new time period. I also thought that Tempest and Justice accepted her too readily, but it fits the light-hearted anime theme. Which is all well and good, except I think it leads to some tonal dissonance between the whimsical VN segments and gritty space battles. It wasn't really an issue with WOD1 since you're just fighting invading aliens, but when it's other humans there should be some more gravitas. Really, I think I just feel bad about killing Ophelia because she seemed like a lovable dumbass. :p

All in all, this new WoD is a fun time and I can't wait for the next ep!


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