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Hosting dedicated Freespace Open servers

I'm a game community leader for
We have a 1U dedicated server in Manhattan New York city.
We host many different kinds of game servers.
Counter-Strike Source
Counter-Strike Global Offensive
DayZ Zombie Apocalypse

We would like to host one or two full time dedicated Freespace 2 Open servers.
As very few if any show up on the server tracker.
I really like the game Freespace 2 and was thrilled to here of Freespace 2 Open project.
and want to give back to the Freespace Open community.

I have initially tried to get the launcher to work on our Windows Server 2008 box.
Unfortunately it has some issues on launch.
I will post details on the errors tonight.

Anyone have any recommendations?

You can contact me on my forum and pm nightrider
Thank you in advance.


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Re: Hosting dedicated Freespace Open servers
I believe the big issue right now is the fact that the standalone servers crash constantly. :(