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ok, that's an idea I've had for quite some time, I worked a bit on it, so now I'll talk about it.
First, that's NOT a campaign, that's something to be used by campaign makers.
The original idea is: I'm fed up with all those pirate factions using old GTVA ships. Please raise the hand those who haven't seen pirates flying in Loki or similar ships?
So what is that scavenger thinguy?
To sum up: scavengers are terran and vasudans ( and even whetever sentient species of the same tech level you could have in your campaign, that would fit in the concept ) outcasts that live in crappy stations or large "dumping-ships". They're lurkers, "scavenging" ship parts from areas where a battle occured recently, or stealing stuff from civilian stations, occasionally acting as pirates too when times are tough. The main interest is that they also act as hired guns or mercenaries. They will work for anybody who can afford them ( they're cheap, coz they're not elite troops or anything ). They have no access to GTVA or any real faction's blueprints, and even if sometimes they can steal a ship, reverse engineering isn't something everybody can do ( and scavengers can't, to say it bluntly ). So they make their own ships, that are average to the best, but cheap.

I would make a full scavenger fleet, which does not, of course, follow the GTVA designations, so it would be something like:
scout ( very light fighter )
fighter ( well, fighter :p )
gunship ( a mix between a bomber and an heavy fighter )
and various capships, which are not really meant to be used for combat ( but ships like dumping-ships can be really large, gaining additional sections as they age, leading to strange things ).
They have reasonably low power weapons, too ( those guys can't be ubber powerfull ).
To sum up, they're not a faction that would have any power on anything, they're just troublemakers that will help anybody who pays them.

Now, where YOU come into play: I'm not going to do that for nuts, obviously. I want to know if you're gonna use them. I'm quite ambitious on this thing and, being the arrogant french I am, I fancy those guys to be aknowledge by the community as a real part of the FS universe, as they're described above. The fact that they have no real incidence on any military or political issues ( they just provide easy canon fodder, to be blunt ) should help it.
That's why I'm asking you first, coz I'm not gonna waste my time on something nobody will care about.
voila, it's all up to you.

Unknown Target:
If my campaign gets selected for the FS Upgrade project, I'd use them.

If it doesn't, I'm thinking of making a seperate campaign anyways, so I'll still use them :D

I like the idea, even if I personally won't use them. I'm certain people would. ( I like to render with these things more than I like to make campaigns)

It sounds like a good idea, my only suggestion would be that you make the ships look a bit like cannibalised GTVA ships, or at least have familiar looking parts. They don't have to be identical or anything, but with a name like Scavengers, it suggests that they are more inclined to throw bits together that they have found in order to make a ship :D
I must admit that there are reasons why I wouldn't be using them, but that is nothing to do with the idea being wrong or anyhthing, it's more to do with what Twisted Infinities is, and how it works ;)
However, that said, I am sure there are a lot of campaign writers out there who would find it useful to have a reservoir of civilian type 'Pirate' vessels :)

Flipside :D

Knight Templar:
Bassically you want to make a Pirate/Merc fleet. :yes:

I say go for it. I know I could deffinitly use them (well, if they are made fairly soon). A few things I'd suggest though.

1) Don't make them too scummy looking. Although some should be cobbled together and such, they should also resemble something like "Yester-year's fighter designs", keeping in mind that perhaps not all combat ships were in the GTA-PVN Navy's (Law Enforcement, rejected designs, etc.)

2) I probably wouldn't give them beams, and instead old FS1 laser mounts, but probably a bit stronger. Maybe have them rely more on missles (although not anything high tech at all) than beams. Beams being the pinnacle of Military Capship might, at the most, the scanvenger fleet should have dinky little pussy versions of the S-Beams.

3) I'd make a Terran and a Vasudan set. Although the GTVA is a unified alliance by FS2 more or less, I don't think they're quiet to the point where civilians are sharing ships. That and the two races should have some really neat looking 'old' designs between the two of them. :nod:

That having been said, I know I could make a spot for them (again, as long as they're done in a reasonable time, meaning soon :) ).

Oh, another suggestion. After this project, perhaps you could take on a Civilian Fleet project? ;) :D


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