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Into the Night: Exposition

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For thousands of years, human kind has expanded, expanded and grown - living in nature's wealth, taking from its surroundings any which it desired.

When one forest emptied of its fruits, man moved to another; when one planet emptied of its fuel, man moved to another.

Thousands of years of exploitation have finally come to an end, the abundance of the fruit of our homes has finally ended.  

Where abundance ends, war begins - the war for Sol has begun.

The year is 2313.


[glow=tan]-man knows no fear[l]---[/l][/glow][/b]


[glow=tan]-earth knows no hope[l]---[/l][/glow][/b]


[glow=tan]-war knows no bounds[l]---[/l][/glow][/b]

Knight Templar:
*drools ;7


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