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POF exporter for MAX - Need people with MAX 4, 5 and 6 for testing

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Max 4, natch (but I've mentioned this).  Once/if you have the v4 version compiled, I'll give it a shot.

Nice work nonetheless.

Black Wolf:
Max 3, or I'd be all over this.

as you complete it, it could be a good excuse to finally start learning max:)

Pilot Of The US:
how many versions of MAX are you planning to make this pof exporter for? Coz ive got MAX 2.5

The only one I can say for certain is MAX 6, probably for MAX 4. MAX 2.5, unfortunately, is out of the question, as the plugin API changed on version 3 and I would have to rework a large portion of the code. Besides, I don't have access to the SDKs.


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