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The Hard Light Productions Installation

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I see HLP to look something rather like Half Lifes "Citidel".

Depends on budjet... Since the income is low, the facility would actually be a hovel, something like in Black & White game. :D

Unknown Target:
I drew my rendition of it based on the HLP movie some time ago, the shape is based on how I made people move back and forth from sector to sector, bla bla bla, all that stuff (these are all old, obviously my drawing skill has improved a little :)):

The station herself:

Hard Light Forum (the squares are all "threads" - the little couch things):

A Hard Light Defense Turret:

Hard Light Control Room (aweful perspective on this one :():

Grandeur's bridge (more perspective errors):


Nice sketches. :yes:

--- Quote from: Unknown Target on January 14, 2006, 02:06:01 pm ---Hard Light Control Room (aweful perspective on this one :():

--- End quote ---

Are those chairs on the raised platform for the admins? :D

Unknown Target:
Yea - read one of the earlier scenes, it talks about the half-moon table where they sit :)


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