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I've coded a new screenshots browser and organized the screenshots I've been able to dig up as best I can.  The screenshots page is currently on another server, since hard-light doesn't offer the permissions to do everything I need it to do.  It's still accessible via the Screenshots link on the main website,  So check it out, they should all be uploaded by the time you read this.

For anyone interested in the more technical stuff, here's what it does.
Dynamically scans the passed in folder for all screenshot images
Checks that there is a thumbnail for each of them in the directory
If not, it makes a new thumbnail for that screenshot
Then it displays all the links to the screenshots in that folder with thumbnails
It also shows links to all subdirectories in the current folder
So to create new categories, you just make a new folder with the name that you want to show up as its link.

All of this is read on the fly.  To add screenshots all that has to be done is to drop them in the appropriate folder.  The next time someone views that folder the script will create a thumbnail automatically.  It also cleans up thumbs, so that if screenshots are moved around without moving their thumbnails, the unnecessary thumbnails will be removed.

If you have any suggestions for it just let me know.  Enjoy!

Sweet you got it working :yes: Looks Great.

Oohhh.... Eclipse Star Destroyer... does it have a working superlaser? If not, I could try to TBL it myself...


--- Quote from: Darth DySkO on January 22, 2007, 07:47:34 am ---If not, I could try to TBL it myself...

--- End quote ---

Be my guest :)

Actually, I'm not sure we still have the model. If I remember correctly, it was a converted model probably from some website.


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