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Ships that need a little work to be done

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After going through all the files on the ftp, there's a few ships I'd like to see cleaned up and finished before any initial release.  In order of precedence:

ISD - We have a very nice mesh, and a set of textures.  It needs to be baked, turreted, LOD'd, and then have its pof info finished
Escort Carrier - Mesh and textures are ready, needs LOD/Turrets/POF info, etc.
Assault Frigate - Has a good mesh and texture set, but I think there's something wrong with the version on the ftp as textures are showing up on the wrong side of mesh.  I need someone to take a look at it, and turret/LOD/POF it.
A-Wing - There is a low poly version, but I'd like the newer high-poly one to be finished.  The texture should be fairly easy to apply from the old one, and could later be made higher quality as well.
Corvette - We also have a higher poly version of the corvette, which I would like to see replace the current lowpoly one.  I need someone to convert the texture to it, and then turret/LOD/POF etc.

At least as soon as we can get an ISD in the game, I think we would be just about ready to get an initial release out the door.  So if anyone wants to tackle any of this please let me know.

do you have wireframe shots of all the ships you have so far? i was looking around at the screenshot area on your website and alot of the models looked really low in quality, almost straight out of star fox for the snes. even some of the better models like the tie interceptor and b-wing looked like they could use work just from thier shaded views where it looked like there was smoothing problems and the eclipse definitely had wasted polygons on the front nose area where it could be cleaned up.

Many of those models were made just for fun, or may even be the old XWAU standins, and not finished versions.  Most of the stuff we intend to release are going to be quality high poly models, with nice pretty textures.  The TIEs are some of the models that have had the most TLC, thanks to KARMA.  Sadly, most of the nicer models have not been done when there were enough staff to finish them all the way.  That's why I'm looking for some help now.

Good news chief, the Star Wars mod I sent you finally work pretty well with the latest Fs2 open (3.6.9). In fact, the build is trying to load the "new_lamassu.pof", but I haven't this pof model and I don't know how the hell it is required.

If I disabled this secondary weapon within Fred2 Open, the mission run pretty well.

Just forgot to say, which models would you use for the star wars conversion ?

Here 2 screens from the actual game (not the official swc that chief is doing).

Black Wolf:
New lamassu is one of lightspeeds new (well, they were new at the time anyway, this was several years ago) shivan missiles I believe. It got snuck into the MEdia VPs when nobody was looking and has caused trouble ever since. check your weapons.tbl and try to get rid of the reference to it.


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