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First off:
 hello all!  :p

Second off:
 Since FringeSpace is going to be geared towards multiplayer, I thought it would be a good idea to start up a thread about it. Even though that the FingeSpace mod itself is still in pre-alpha, it would be a good to start up a discussion on support for multiplayer for more than 16 players (perhaps even up to 64, 128, or beyond?)

 I've heard rumors here and there about the netcode for FS2 being rather ghastly, so if there's anybody out there willing to help or at least point us in the right direction (i.e. linking us to existing multiplayer support discussion), it would be much appreciated!

General Battuta:
Checking out the Multi board would probably be the logical first step.

Doh, thanks.

The E:
From a netcode POV, the current code supports only up to twelve players in any given game. More than that would require a complete rewrite, which none of the current coders has much of an interest in (It's not that we'd be opposed to the concept, it's just that demand is so low that it's not very high on our collective list of priorities).

I still think it might be possible to push TvT to 24 (the biggest issue is the loadout screen, it would have to be completely rewritten to go above 12 players on a team).

The code is in no way ready for such a massive change though and without us hiring a more dedicated network coder it probably never will be.


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