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Powerup Showcase *Image Heavy*

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Here's a couple of completed and WIP powerups for the FringeSpace Mod:

Mega Powerup:

Energy Powerup:

Shield Powerup (WIP):

For the most part they look good, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the transparency and double-sided textures.

Well, glad to see somebody got those powerups goin, cause I have to be honest, I was shocked by the mega number of them.

They're actually pretty simple geometry and tabling wise... the hard part is getting the right material settings.

I present to you, the (nearly) completed Shield Powerup:  ;7

Now just have to get it rigged and check if the transparency settings in Max will transfer over... Once that is done I'll start looking into getting the mapping set up for baking (Right now it's pretty much face mapped only).

I'm not really familiar with Tachyon, but these power-ups are something you'd fly over in-game to pick up, right?  If so, how are you planning on implementing them in FS?  I've toyed around with the idea of attempting a Descent mod at some point, and one thing I've wondered about is how to handle spawning and acquiring things like shield and energy power-ups.

Originally Shadows of Lylat needed them before we came around.
Karajorma also invented a King of the Hill mode that he discussed in the FRED
section ages ago... both gave rise to how we'll do it.

Essentially, it's all in FRED'ing.

Set your powerup model in place.
Set it up so the model will disappear when approached within a certain distance.
On that event, produce the effect on the ship that was within the trigger zone.
Have a respawn time set for the powerup, run a check before the powerup is to
respawn that the space isn't occupied already (camper), if not - spawn model.
Repeat sequence.

That's the basic idea, although I can't quote sexps.
Basically the player ship never touches the model, it's just the source of a event trigger.


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