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Face Mapping Tip


No idea where to put this, so I'm sticking it here for now.

When your mapping an object that is made up of mostly Tri's such as a GeoSphere object, one thing you should NOT do is use face mapping.

Face mapping was meant for Quad-based objects, such as cubes and standard spheres. If you try to apply a face mapping modifier to a Tri-based object, your going to end up with only a very few faces looking good.

In the mean-time, you'll have to do the Tri-mapping manually, so far the quickest way I know of is this:

* Apply the UVW Mapping modifier to your object
* Punch the radio button for "Face" under the Mapping group
* Apply the UVW Unwrap modifier to your object
* Open up the Edit UVW Dialop by clicking on "Edit..." under the Parameters group
* Arrange all triangles into equilaterals. You can do this easily by turning on the grid and snapping two vertices to one side of the mapping Quad, and then rotate the triangle by 120 degrees to snap the last vertix.
That last part may be tricky for those reading it... if I have time and the energy I'll get to making a tutorial over it.


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