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Tachyon @ KY LanWar 48

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I'll be present at the Louisville, KY USA LanWar gaming event during Jan 14, 15, and 16...
During which I'll be hosting a Tachyon server. I'm already bringing a few friends, so it shouldn't
be difficult to find players.

We should be able to use Novalogic's lobby, so if anyone out on the net wants to drop in
and play we can explode together. Voice servers will depend on what people at LanWar have
the most of, and I won't know that till I get there. I'll be promoting FringeSpace here and there
as well.

For the folks that don't have Tachyon:

The game itself is still available as a downloadable version,
from Steam, GameTap, and Novalogic itself among others.

$7 on sale at

In addition to the 2 multiplayer modes (up to 32 players per map)
in has a full two sided campaign.

The FringeSpace Service Bay mod pack will be used to host
and play with different ships. It is not required in order
to play or connect.

I'll also have a couple install and patch discs on hand at LanWar,
under the original EULA I can share with friends. Come see me
at the Alpha Hall seat Row 6 Seat 12 (JGZinv).

Any questions or interest? Let me know.

Have you've planned out what all you'll be showing, as far as the FringeSpace goes?

There's not a great deal I can do in terms of showing off FS there.
First hurdle is getting people that play mostly FPS back into a 11 year old game.
We can work it up from there. I've got a couple potential tricks up my sleeve though.

I think the biggest hurdle would be getting enough folk to play an Arena or Basewars match... if you can get past that and Fraps the footage, you'll have a video of the gameplay to show.

Sorry to say, but I can't be at the LanWar. Kentucky is too long of a drive from where I'm at. :(

Just pack yourself into a crate and use UPS....  we'll just Return to Sender when done.
You can still play by dropping in from the online lobby while we're there.


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