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Well I've had some problems...

First I didn't have the spare 25 ft cable to hook it up.
2nd even though the server worked at home, it doesn't want to accept connections here.
Three, I've got to wait till the network staff comes back in the morning to talk to anyone.
Four... I can't think of any more reasons why it's not working.

It's been up part of the afternoon starting around 8 PM. I took it off once I realized no one could get in.
Provided I get it working, it'll be on tomorrow, otherwise Over's server is still online.

Found a couple more Tach fans from ages ago that had lost their discs.

sounds like somethings blocking your server on their net.

Figured it out cause we're basically running on a private network with zero routing...

We'll use Over's server... it's all that can be done under the circumstances.

Latest TSB has been installed, just waiting on some slaggers.  :)


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