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Babylon 5 Server problems

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Downloaded Babylon 5 from URL:  I am using Windows 7 64 bit system.

Game downloaded, did update, then downloaded mods all no problem.

game seems to play ok, HOWEVER; yepo here comes the "But".

When I try to host a game no one can connect to me.

Is there something special I need ot do?
I have already placed the EXE File as trusted in my antivirus settings and have the EXE set to run as admin as well. Still nothing.

tried UDP settings for:
and the original default UDP forget what it was and still nothing.

Yes I have verified and double checked the IP as well.

I am no modder nor programmer, know little to a nats ass about such.

So instructions in easy to understand baby talk please if possible.

many thanks any and all help would be grateful I have an entire guild waiting for me to figure out what the problem is.

The E:
I'm rather sorry, but you're in the wrong forum. We are not affiliated with or responsible for IFH, you should try their official forums at

You could of course try our own Babylon 5 game, The Babylon Project as well. 

7808 would be the port you needed to forward for TBP not IFH. So it sounds like you might have been following the wrong guide.

I have the babylon 5 was the first one I got actually but was unable to get it as well to allow access to my guildies for server.
I know Nadda about this stuff, I am basically what you would call an end user, so instructions in baby steps would be most welcomed.
For the babylon 5 I have found her project. Or is that the wrong one still?

We'd be more than happy to talk you through getting The Babylon Project working for multiplayer. We can't really help with Babylon 5 : I've Found Her since this isn't a project that has anything to do with us and I even know if anyone here still plays it.


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