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32bit libraries for Ubuntu


Hi folks,

as Ubuntu will drop the 32bit libraries starting with 19.10 it could cause problems with the native old 64bit builds. Does this also affect the AppImage-builds provided? Do they use 32bit libraries to run?

Steam drops Ubuntu recommendation for that reason:


Our AppImage builds are native 64-bit builds so it shouldn't be a problem if they drop the 32-bit support. The old 32-bit builds will probably stop working but then people could still compile 64-bit builds manually...

I mean the 32bit libraries necessary to build and run 64bit:

There is no hard dependency on any 32-bit libraries in the 64-bit builds but the old nightly and release builds were 32-bit so those still required the 32-bit libraries. The current release and nightly builds should have absolutely no dependency on 32-bit libraries.

Ok, Thanks


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