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Iain Baker:

The History of Video Games #24: The SEGA Master System - Part Two

Time Limits in Video Games: The Good, the Bad and the Rage-Quit Inducing

(Includes links to my new YouTube channel and Instagram profile  :) )

Scourge of Ages:

Iain Baker:
I recently found out the website has closed down  :(

Therefore, I will be reuploading the articles I had on there to my site so they remain accessible. I have of course taken the opportunity to update and improve them slightly whilst I'm at it. The first is here:

Iain Baker:
And another one for you :-)

Iain Baker:
Hi all!

FreeSpace multiplayer may not be such a big thing nowadays, but online multiplayer is thriving in many other franchises. Unfortunately, that all too often means running into a bunch of A$$-Hats, trolls and disgusting degenerates who seem intent on ruining everyone else's fun.

What if there was a way of ensuring these scumbags could be kept out? What if not being a degenerate a$$-hat scumbag was rewarded? What if there was a support network to help people who are degenerate a$$-hats to stop being such degenerates and become worthy human beings?

It would be pretty sweet I reckon. Good thing then that such a place exists, and I have had the pleasure of interviewing its co-founders. The first interview article of two has just gone live :-) Click the link to find out more  :)


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