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Heyya everybody,

as you may know, my Multi-Language Translation Library Interface want to support as much languages as possible.

Even the FreeSpace 2 Campaign was released with four whole translations, which is quite an achievement, currently only two of the said four languages have a translator.

Achille44 is responsible for the French Language, and i, Novachen, is creating the German translation next the whole other development stuff.
But i was also responsible to integrate the older released Japanese aswell Spanish translation into this.

Of course i would actually like to have more than only two languages in the future :).

But for that... i simple need YOU!

I admit, that i would be very happy about a Japanese translator. Not only to fill up all the missing pieces in the Japanese translation, but also to carry on this legacy for new missions and campaigns.
Also i am looking for someone, who is able to translate into Spanish. I still have some translations i can integrate myself, but well, these sources are not inexhaustible.
Last but not least, i would like to have a Polish translator, too. As FreeSpace: The Great War was released in Polish. I simple would like to have a successor in that language, too.

But in the end i have to say, that every language is welcome. Also every effort is welcome here, regardless of how small it is.
You want to translate only one mission into Greek for demonstration purposes? Then feel free to do so, maybe it will attract another Greek player, who may be interested to translate the rest :D




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