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Durandal's Scroll Pt II Mystery Pics!

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A lot going on in this one, let's see who can spot all the details. Some place old, or some place new?

There are at least four important details revealed in this pic.  One of them probably won't be apparent for anyone who hasn't played the mission. :drevil:

>New Vasudan stealth fighter
>Beam turret on a Mephisto? Or tracker?

When I see that, all I think is "Oh no! Not another scanning mission in a nebula"

Everything Antared mentioned, also the modified reticle in the lower left, also Prometheus A?
Idk if it's a new mephisto model, those things hit moderately hard so I pretty much never got to be that close to one....
On another note...100 m/s cruising max speed without more power to engines? That ship's hella fast!


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