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[Volunteer] Voice Over Female Voice For Online Podcast


[Volunteer] Voice Over Female Voice For Online Podcast

Hello, I am looking for one [volunteer] voice (female voice) over for online podcast. My company is a really small company so the ideal candidate is a self-starter, motivated, and reliable. Must speak english for english podcast...(I would rather prefer english or american accent rather than indian accent...if possible)

* Will read text already written with her voice so that we can use it on Google Podcast and other channels to promote the brand and the company services


* Voice over skills but you don't especially need experience because this is a volunteer job (one shot), there is no money but is a good opportunity for you to gain some experience right ?

I have posted the details here if you want to apply

thank you again for your help

Colonol Dekker:
Wrong board if genuine.

The E:
Even if it is genuine, "do this very commercial work for us, we'll pay you in exposure and experience" is an immediate no-go.

In other words, pay your ****ing talent, you idiots.


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