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Ok so in 2007 I wasn't where I am now Photoshop skills wise, but we had a need for a texture on a rather small
drone, say 1/4th the size of a fighter... or about 3 to 4 meters.

I recently dug this out of the dusty corner of my drive, thought about completing it. Realized I'm somewhat split on how I feel about it.
So here's your chance to punch holes in it or suggest improvements.

My main concerns are:

A. Is it faithful to the original (top) design?

B. What could be done better?

I'm aware the wing "block" is missing this was just a side-at-a-time thing...
Not sure about the tubes... never figured out a way to make 2D tubes look good without a lot of drop shadow.

The only nitpick I could have is that the black line looks like a groove in the original but is raised in the remake, but it's very minor and impossible to prove either way :)

I was actually wondering that while I was staring at it a few minutes ago...  it would probably look better if it were normal mapped as a groove.

Here's the original side views of the thing for some perspective on what it looked like.

The steels and greys look pretty good to me, but for some reason the greasy yellow screams "neglect" to me.

Not that you've neglected it, mind you, I mean that in a setting sense, it looks as if whoever was supposed to be taking care of it, didn't.

True, but in most space games, it seems that for all our technological gains, T-Cut and Chamois Leather are kind of like the Babylonian battery, ancient technology now lost to us ;)


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