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It's finally here!

The final mod? No....

But the demo is here!

3 missions worth of fairly simple but exciting action in the First Contact War universe, taking place just before the events of the main campaign.

You, an unnamed ensign in the USDF 6th Patrol Fleet have been put on what seems to be a boring patrol mission, when you and your carrier, the USCV Midway, stumble upon some troublemakers in hiding.


This demo is mostly supposed to act as a bit of a taste tester for those of you who have been following development and are eager to know what the gameplay will be like. I do hope you will all enjoy the admittedly tiny campaign.

It still needs the MediaVPs and of course FS2 base to run.
IT IS IMPORTANT that you also run this with the latest nightlies. A good number of features need them to run.

Music was sourced from Ace Combat 3, Gundam Wing, Space Battleship Yamato, PATLABOR 2 and Airforce Delta Strike.
Many thanks to Lafiel for helping me with writing the HUD redflash script that makes the HUD flash red whenever damage is taken.


Ah **** here we go again!. Congrats dude on the release of your demo. Hopefully if i finish work early today i will get that installed today. The music selection that you chose looks so promising and will give that great 80s and 90s vibe to it....noice.

mod good, fun had, more better words after sleep and more play, definitely looking forward to the mod growing further

I did a handful of bug fixes and balance updates. They should be on Knossos too now. I am very sorry if any of these bugs have caused bad experiences while playing the demo.

Speaking of bad experiences, turns out I somehow botched the Knossos upload and am currently uploading a (hopefully) functional version to Knossos as we speak. Once again, sorry for the delay.


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