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Reporting bugs in Starshatter Open

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The E:

Gonna try and see if I can replicate this.

It was that mystery version that fixed this problem but the guy didn't use the SVN. I asked wdboyd if he could get the code from the guy but nothing ever came of it. :(

Was that version 5.05 by any chance?

It was called 5.0.5 but it was different from the one available at starshatter-open. Wdboyd released it through starshattermods, kind of negating the reason of having a centralized hub for builds.

I've encountered this as well.  Additionally, the bottom bar of the screen makes my cursor hang up, and I can't move my cursor past that point without exiting the actual game if I click.  Makes it a pain to click the Accept, Save, Cancel, etc buttons since only about half of the button is in the part of the screen I can reach.


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