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[RELEASE] Shattered Armistice Official Game Soundtrack

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This is truly excellent work; thank you, Sir!

On a side note, I'm just wondering if MaX's work will be featured in R2? I really enjoyed his work done for BtRL - being curious (via prying open the BtRL root.vp), I also found it interesting that the official soundtrack for BtRL did not feature all the in-game music as supplied in the demo. Was there any particular reason for that?

skull leader:
Hey guys, you got some credits wrong on "disc 2 soundtrack",  03-legend of minos (the first 50 secs), 04-needs backup, and 06-one man down were actually composed by me! ^_^
i don't mind really but...i should be listed in the credits at least.

Yet again more proof of why more use of Mantis was required!

I knew you did something for this project Skull, but I couldn't remember what, or if we ever used it.

skull leader:

--- Quote from: karajorma on September 14, 2012, 12:46:42 pm ---Yet again more proof of why more use of Mantis was required!

--- End quote ---

I agree! ^_^

We can update the credits and music tracks on the OST. I'll need your full name though since I don't think it's currently in there.


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