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Black Wolf:

--- Quote from: starlord on July 24, 2017, 02:08:07 am ---I thought the qeb was once featured as part of front lines, why the change of mind?

--- End quote ---

It was part of the origninal modpack, back when Frontlines 2322 was supposed to be the first campaign. That modpack was way, way unbalanced though, making the gameplay less than spectacularly fun.

Partly as a result of that modpack needing so much work, it was basically abandoned, and focus shifted to 2334, so that we'd have a baseline balance (the first few missions of FS1 and the FS1 weapons, ships etc.) The Qeb wasn't migrated over to the new setting, so it didn't really find a place in 2334.

Now that we're back into 2332, the design process is different: The included mods are driven more or less entirely by the missions plans, and there's just no missions that call for a big Vasudan transport in the current outline. FL 2322 takes place in a Terran system being invaded by vasidans, so there's not a hell of a lot of call for Vasudan civilian ships generally. TBH, we're probably skimping a little on the Terran civvy ships, but we're getting around that by not having too many places for civilians to show up in the mission plans. There's one spot where it might kind of fit, but if I used it, I'd want to improve it, and adding models onto my queue like that would just push the release back.

All that said, while I'm not 100% willing to commit to a third Frontlines campaign, if there is one, it will probably be set in Vasudan territory (probably a behind enemy lines type scenario), which would require a lot more Vasudan infrastructure and civilian shipping. If it shows up anywhere, it will probably be there, but likely edited and rebuilt to suit FL's needs specifically.

TL;DR: It was in the modpack, but we don't really have a place for it right now, maybe if there's ever a third FL campaign.

I see. Many thanks.

Is Frontlines still happening? I quite enjoyed the first one!


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