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Is this the same thing as the T-V War Project?

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Black Wolf:
Unfortunately that's not quite what Frontlines is meant to be. Rather than attempting to tell the full sweep of a 14 year war story, it's intended to be a series of vignettes set within the context of the war, as well as a coherent and consistent series of mods and weapons and things that can form a ready made toolset for anyone else wanting to tell stories in that era. As such, the bookends of the war aren't being touched: FL2322 is the earliest campaign, and it's set several months after the start of the war, and Frontlines 2334 is the latest*, and is set several months before Thresher.

That said, I think Frontlines is the only project in production right now that will do anything close to what you're talking about, in terms of covering the history of the TV War, at least in terms of the changing fleets and weapons and things.

In terms of chances, well, l think reasonably high. Obviously 2334 is out, and pretty much all the mods for 2322 are done, but there's still some fixing and balancing to do there. But I have a mission outline, and I'm confident of getting something out fairly soon once I get a chance to get back to FS modding, which I've been forced out of recently by having my FS PC in pieces for a few months.

Anyway, what that means is that now there are established fleets at both extremes - we have FS1 and the 2334 fleet to end the war, and the 2322 fleet to begin it. Transitioning between those fleets, as well as existing assets, gives me pretty much everything I need to make missions at just about any point in the war.

Long story short, FL will produce at least two (2322 and 2334) consistent TV War campaigns, and I would expect at least one more in the same continuity (most likely dealing with a known event like the Vega engagement or the Battle of Talania or Gulnara or something). It won't br exactly what you're chasing, but it will be pretty close.

*Excluding FL2335, which is a short training campaign included with 2334.

So frontlines 2322 is still being worked on?  Good to hear!


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