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I am playing the campaign, after completing the campaign 0 (the trainings) for the campaign 1 i was not more than Lieutnant, so i was able to be only a pilot.
Each missions had enemies and it was rather enjoyable.
Rarely there was a patrol mission with none encountered, but it was rare.

Now i'm in the campaign 2 and just was promoted to Lieutnant Commander, allowing me to be transfered in a Destroyer group, and wanting a change from my constant near-death experience as a pilot :D i decided to transfer to a Destroyer.

I noticed there was only a patrol mission there, so i accepted it.
Followed the navs in the long (even at 4x) patrol, and no enemy anywhere, on the map i looked into the other sectors, and nothing there.

Got back, and got another single patrol mission, and exactly the same, no enemy in my long patrol, and no enemy in other sectors.

Back to choose another mission, again only 1 patrol mission.
And ... no enemy ship, even the smaller one to see anywhere on the sector, giving a look to the other sector still no red dot anywhere.

I even tried a 4th mission and ... the same.

Even tried to throw some probes around without results.
the pre-mission tells about the possible thread a "Patrol - 1CV" but the thing must then be very well hidden in the near infinity of space.

The cutscenes between missions were telling me of enemy mining operations, of fleet moving to attack a sector etc... but once i was there, not a single enemy ship in sight in all the sectors.

4 missions with nothing hostile anywhere, is that just me having extremely bad luck in how those missions were generated, or has something broke in the campaign when i transfered to a Destroyer ?
EDIT : oh i decided to transfer into a different fleet, and bingo red dots.

Lesson to learn : if you transfer in a fleet that has only empty sector, request in another fleet that is in a different system.
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