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Progress on Silent Threat: Reborn is picking up again. We've got 15 missions total, 3 are fully completed, 5 are in the testing phase, and three more are in progress.
With Goober coming back from Real Life and KT wanting to get this done, we might be able to get this done by... well, I don't want that statement to come back to haunt me. Let's just say we're looking forward to a release, OK?


I`m glad your doing this.

I hope that the story makes better sense than Silent threat.

I didn`t understand ANY of the damn storyline in that. Especially the final mission, blowing up that hybrid crusier with no weapons that I could see.

where were the beam guns( whcih obviously were meant to be there?) That final mission also needs you having more support.

Ie when the unknown comes in they scamble everything they`ve got to help you.

Loads of orions being attacked and attacking as the hybrid blasts them with it`s experimental beam gun (every few minutes to make it fair as it is experimental)  

Now, THATS a final mission!

No it isn't, that's a clumsy mess.

Trust me, you'll be pleased. All will be revealed in time.

*waits with anticipation*

:yes: :yes: :)


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