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Beams vs Railguns

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Androgeos Exeunt:
In BP, the Railguns generate a massive shockwave on impact. I've tried shooting the Colossal Railgun in AoA before.

The Colossal Railgun isn't used in Age, so the weapon is going to undergo some tweaking and balancing before it makes its appearance. This means the damage values aren't final. It should still generate a small shockwave though.

It's meant to be a destroyer-calibre gun, of which there will only be one or two emplacements on a ship.

Androgeos Exeunt:
By all means, it really is suited for destroyers only. I can't imagine mounting that on anything smaller. :wtf:

 :shaking: I would LOVE to mod a Corvette to have a frontal BFRed and 5 or 6 Colossal Railguns. Probably a Deimos, as they have a large frontal side...


--- Quote from: azile0 on September 01, 2008, 02:04:57 am ---Rail Guns
              Slower, as they are projectiles, but have a large area damage from the explosion. They can fire rapidly, and can thus cover more area. Less of a potential for AAA, as I am seeing more of 'Upgraded Flak' cannons to swat away bombs. Also can be a longer range, provided you aim it right.

--- End quote ---
I take it you never witnessed what proper flak cannons do, yes?

look at this.

just put the stuff as is in the folder and use the -mod flag.

and enjoy the carnage :p


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