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Hello everyone! :)

I really liked the fact that NTV got resurrected and since Galemp is one of the best community members I have great hopes  ;)

It's the most ambitious NTF related campaign and the demo was quite promising. There's something I'd like to say, however.

I wouldn't like a campaign in which the NTF's success is emphasized in an unrealistic way, with the GTVA being amazingly defeated in contested systems and the Shivans following Bosch's orders after the field testing of ETAK.

I consider more appropriate political compromises, the GTVA accepting the NTF's authority in several systems by ceasing fire and starting displomatic relationships, vast groups of Vasudans refusing to cease fire and the serious chance of dealing with a civil war in GTVA space, the NTF sabotaging or even capturing the Colossus and other probable stuff...but surely not the NTF replacing the GTVA in all T-V space...

I don't want the plot to be spoiled but, at least, I want to know if there are any risks of experiencing exaggerated events, like the ones I mentioned above... :D

The plot's already finalized, I'm sure.

But the campaign needs FREDders so changes to the plot aren't to be excluded...

Is one of the devs available to reply to me?

Yep! Thanks for the compliments. Rest assured, the NTF isn't going to pull a PI and appear with a new superdestroyer that has them obliterating the GTVA (no offense, CP.) Alikchi, BlackWolf, Adwight and I have all dug into the specific military and diplomatic actions that shifted the balance of power in the war and the linchpins that they rest on. The plot outline we have flips those linchpins and explores the results. There are a couple pivotal missions that could have spelled disaster if they had gone the other way (Endgame, Slaying Ravana) so it's not totally implausible that the GTVA recognizes NTF authority in Polaris/Regulus/Sirius. They won't conquer the galaxy, though; that was never Bosch's objective.

Still, I like your thinking. :D

No offense to CP indeed, his concept was different.

PI was great but the main difference is that the PCA is a fanon faction whose capabilities don't necessarily have limits while the NTF is a canon faction whose capabilities are to remain realistic, at least in a serious project like NTV. :)

Good to know that you're taking in consideration possible GTVA failures in the nebula: they would surely help the NTF.


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