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The Pericles is dog ugly

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Black Wolf:
Who textured that thing? It looks like someone pooed on a plate and called it a texture. Rancid. Whoever he is, he should be ashamed that work of such low quality is appearing in a mod that anyone else would ever want to play. Frankly, it's **** and embarassing for you and the mysterious original texturer who shall remain at all times nameless.  :mad2:

Anyway, given the nastiness of the texture, I'm going to fix the mistakes made by this unnamed desecrator of digital art by retexturing it. But I figured I might as well HTL it first. So here are some pictures of that. Tell me what you think and if nobody has any serious problems I'll UV it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Admiral Nelson:
I wanted to dump the Pericles in favor of some other model for the same reasons you mention. :)  A certain other person told me "But I wuv the Pericles" so it stayed. :)  The low poly one has some errors, to boot.

This looks nice to me. Some definition of what the strange triangle like structure on the bow section might improve it more.

Black Wolf:
Triangle like structures? That's a little cutaway I'm going to put the cokpit windows into. I've added a little bit more geometry up there so it has some more structure to it.

And you're right about the geometry - lots of weirdness. Overlapping faces mostly. While this did start from the original mesh, I'd say less than 50% of the original polies have actually survived at all - whole big sections have been rebuilt onto the existing verts, either to fix geometry or to add detail, so hopefully they should be mostly gone in this version.

Not any serious issues, but may I suggest to give it an airlock or something like the Elysium and the Argo have.

I can't see that much difference from the original ( ) ... I suggest you make the airlock-like section (the centre of the top)  a bit more pronounced. Also, the bottom of the hull could use some more greebles as well.
Just my two cents; of course it's just a transport, so if it doesn't play too big a role, don't spend too much time on it ;)


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