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NTV Emergence and FreeSpace Open compatibility issues

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I've just heard that NTV Emergence, the old release, is having some serious problems running with FSO. Make it compatible with recent builds is not a priority for the current NTV team, but I'd like to make it a reality if possible.

Before I venture into upgrading, I'd like to know if there's an upgraded version of Emergence around. Wheter or not it was upgraded by the old NTV team is not important. Who knows, maybe there's something out there that'd make my work so much easier. :)

Try this.  It worked with 3.6.9 and doesn't cause any errors that prevent you from playing with 3.6.13.

Thanks, I'll let you know. :)

Any news yet on NTV mobius?

I've recently posted on the private forum, proposing a plan, and I'm waiting for additional comments.


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