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So I was thinking that it was a shame that there wasn't a picture in the launcher for this mod. So I grabbed the logo off the wiki, resized it, and converted it to .bmp. It's just not showing up in the window. Is there something special or different about the .bmp files that the launcher uses? I guess it's not important and there's probably going to be one in the full release, I was just curious.

We have a logo that we'll be using in the full release, created in the same way.  Not sure why yours isn't working.

Talon 1024:
I've had a similar problem before, but I fixed it by removing the alpha channel from the BMP image.

Heh.. I made one.. forgot that I made it and have just assumed it came with the download...  :lol:

Realized there wasn't a mod.ini in the file. Made one and bingo, little picture in launcher. Now if I could just get past that training mission. :p


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