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Mission 27 broken


You're supposed to loose Mission 27 : Light Brigade, right ? Cause that's just not happening. I defend both frigates and the LRD Diana successfully, and manage to destroy all enemy ships but the UNED Columbia, which is stuck out of range of everything. I mean, if we're supposed to loose, there should be at least some infinite waves of bombers or some self-destruct sexp going on, no ?

Hey, stupid. Spoiler tags.

Wish I saw this thread too, I posted my grievance in the release thread with SPOILER TAGS.

I think anyone who hasn't played the campaign that far and don't want to be spoiled wouldn't open a thread named "Mission 27 broken". Maybe I tend to think people more clever than they are.

This mission broke for me twice. The way I finally passed it was that I stopped killing all the enemy fighters/bombers. There isn't enough of them to force the required events to happen. So I literally only killed the ones that were attacking the ONLY ship I was actually ordered to defend. The briefing hinted me to this when it said something along the lines of do not leave the Grace (?) even to defend other ships.

That's what I did. Had to switch back to hard and not fire a single shot aside from enemies directly shooting at me.


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