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Basically I'll use this thread to post up what I should be putting on the website, like screenshots, general information, story teasers, and blah. I'll put it up on the site eventually, I think. Comments are very welcome :)

Weapons and ships are being finalized.

The NTF Augeas:

The model is still in final texturing and POF data, etc, by Woomeister. It's designed to be a standoff/general purpose fighter (load it with Phoenix Vs) that's fairly weak close in as it's quite slow (only 60 m/s) and has weak shields + hull, but has good maneuverability and the capacity to carry lots of weapons.

The NTF Gryphon:

The NTF's elite forces raid the GTVA's OpEval courses deep inside GTVA space in an audacious attempt to steal the schematics for the GTF Perseus. The result: The NTF Gryphon, an extremely fast yet unmaneuverable interceptor that balances the unmaneuverability with heavy firepower in the form of long-range missiles. Whether this model will ever be completed and turned into a ship is unknown, we're currently using Aldo's Valkyrie II/Stentor model.

The NTF Ragnarok:

Probably will never be done, but presumably an NTF space superiority fighter.

NTF Liche:

Again, probably never be done, but it is the NTF's very own stealth fighter, although it is MUCH heavier than the Pegasus, as you can see.

FS1 tech -

GTF Apollo: Still used as a raining craft (and punishment craft). Thrown into combat only in the direst situations.

GTB Athena: "Wild Weasel" craft, e.g. destroys AAA and flak turrets before heavy bombers arrive. Upgrade kits released by Dynamic Metamer during Reconstruction give this ship increased maneuverability, shielding, and payload capacity.

GTF Valkyrie: Standard interceptor. The Perseus hasn't even been invented yet and won't be until the main FS2 campaign begins.

GVF Anubis: See Apollo, except add "kamikaze".

GVB Amun: Still an effective heavy bomber. With two Banshee turrets it's a pain to attack, also.

GVFr Bast: Still easy to kill. If you don't remember, it's the Vasudan Poseidon minus turrets.

Avenger: Still in use. If you examine the table stats it's surprisingly powerful in relation to FS2 weapons. Early in the weapon, it's the most numerous and popular NTF weapon.

Banshee: Also still in use by the NTF in the beginning. Even now quite powerful.

Shield Breaker: Relatively rare. You won't see this weapon much.

Disruptor, Adv. Disruptor: What, you though the NTF was going to use a Vasudan Akheton SDG?

ML-16: Purely in the game for fun. Only use it if you want to, we're not going to force you to..I think :devilidea:

Interceptor: The only real difference between the Interceptor and the Harpoon is that the Interceptor is slightly bulkier and does less damage.

Fury: Fury's in there too. Not quite as effective as the Tempest but you make do with what you have.

MX-50: Still in there, although quite rare. You'll usually see a large quantity of these alongside about half as many Rockeyes in the Team Loadout screen.

Phoenix V: The Trebutchet hasn't even been invented yet - the GTVA forces will use these too.

Tsunami and Harbinger: Still far more of these in supply in the backwater worlds of Polaris, Sirius and Regulus than Cyclops or Helios.

Note, this is only a rough list and will be added to and expanded soon..Adwight and Black Wolf, feel free to use your Moderator Powers to add and edit and stuff. Thank you :)

A replacement for the SOC

Plot lines that are logical and make sense (hopefully)

Most FS1 weapons

New Weapons

Several new ships

Fighting from the Neo-Terran Front's point of view

An encounter with Lieutenant Commander Snipes

EDIT:  You forgot to add new weapons...

New weapons:

The Prometheus Advanced:

Think of the Prom ADV as the NTF's Kayser.

The Tredegar:

The NTF's Subach, with a twist. Derived from the Avenger and a bit of special tech (you can see the resemblance) it has fairly low damage but balances it with high speed. Again, it only does 75% damage to shields, but it does 150% damage to hulls.

The Katyusha:

A dumbfire rocket that's designed to destroy freighters and cruisers. Very cheap to make and quite useful. You can fit 40 in the Medusa's top bank.

Fireball Light Bomb:

A light bomb. 5 can fit in the Athena's second back. Mostly used by the Athena and is effective against cruisers and corvettes. Fast lock time and speed.

Check the site for more info on these ships and weapons - the Augeas description is out of date, however - I'll update it later.


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