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Not my work. Thank/curse at Battuta for this one. :p

Wargames: Limited Response to Regional Insurrection
SP/MP campaign

Colonial Fleet doctrine refers to the militarized elements of the Sagittaron insurrection under the blanket term 'Anti-Colonial Forces' (ACF). In this simulated exercise, Colonial pilots, warship crew, and theater commanders must coordinate to suppress an organized ACF takeover of civilian shipping. Expected ACF tactics in the theater include hostage-taking, counterforce operations using covertly or overtly repurposed spaceborne infrastructure, psychological posturing, navigational denial, and direct attack by means of captured or subverted military equipment and personnel.

BLUE FORCE assets include Colonial battlestars, support ships, and their embarked combat air wings. RED FORCE assets include hijacked civilian shipping, improvised conventional and CAPTOR mines, engineered debris and asteroid impactors, and small number of Colonial military spacecraft and weapons.

RED FORCE intends to threaten or inflict damage to civilian assets and citizens in Sagittaron space in order to force concessions or retaliation from the Colonial government. RED FORCE will presumably act in conjunction with ground-side attacks.

BLUE FORCE objectives focus on limiting the effect of RED FORCE actions, carrying out pre-emptive defensive and offensive operations as dictated by BLUE FORCE imaging and intelligence assets, and sanctioning key RED FORCE assets when collateral damage is judged acceptable.

Mission 1: Violence of Action - scan, order dockings, and coordinate

ACF cells on Sagittaron announce that they have physically seized or placed bombs aboard civilian shipping at the Aeolus orbital transfer point. They will hold these vessels hostage until their demands are met. Sagittaron's shipping authorities have ordered a halt to all shipping in the area, but with more than 20 ships on-scene, communications in shambles, and the exact identity of the captured or sabotaged ships unknown, the Colonial Fleet must act decisively.

You will lead a squadron of Raptors carrying marine CQB specialists and EOD teams. Enter the Aeolus flotilla and use your Raptor's hull-penetrating radar to identify the ships with hostage-takers or bombs aboard. Order the appropriate teams to make covert entry to these vessels and then signal a coordinated strike. In the event of a hijacked civilian vessel attempting to jump away, you are authorized to use lethal force.

A second Raptor unit will provide ESM for this mission and jam all transmissions between ships in the flotilla.

Mission 2A -  Force Projection - warhead intercept + subsystem destruction

The successful resolution of the Aeolus transfer point crisis without loss of life has allowed BLUE FORCE information correction teams to insulate the Sagittaron  population from ACF propaganda. But you permitted a civilian vessel to escape the Aeolus rally point. With more than 1200 passengers aboard and at least eighteen heavily armed hijackers in control, this jump-capable spacecraft represents both a significant political risk and a potential military asset for the Sagittaron ACF.

Colonial imaging assets have detected the target vessel in a debris field near Sagittaron's trailing Lagrange point. We believe the ship may be attempting to rendezvous with other ACF vessels. Some BLUE FORCE intelligence analysts believe that the ACF has planted missile or torpedo emplacements in the debris field in hopes of luring a Colonial warship into a trap. As a result of integrated human and imaging intelligence, BLUE FORCE HIGHER has declared a NUCLEAR ALERT.

You will lead a Viper squadron deployed from a Sobek-class battlestar in a sweep of the debris field. Clear the area of navigational hazards or ACF interdiction assets while the battlestar hold station. A negotiator aboard the battlestar will maintain constant contact with the hijackers in an attempt to prevent any loss of human life while you operate. Once you have cleared a path, Raptor ESM assets will blind the target vessel's sensors.

If the battlestar comes under guided missile attack, you will neutralize the launchers. Keep an eye on your radiological alarms. The ACF may have acquired nuclear warheads. Marines are standing by to storm the target once you allow the Raptors room to work.

Mission 2B - Hearts Are Minds - warhead intercept + disable or destroy

The destruction of a hijacked civilian vessel at the Aeolus transfer point has drawn significant attention, and the ACF have vowed to retaliate. BLUE FORCE intelligence believes that a physical attack on fleet oilers and container ships convoyed in high Saggitaron orbit is likely. Unfortunately, the events at Aeolus have led to widespread unrest among privately owned Sagittaron shippers, and we are unable to obtain compliance from many of the vessels under threat. We must contain the situation by preventing further loss of life.

After a launch-and-leave deployment from your battlestar, you will coordinate with a group of three frigates to corral convoyed shipping. Separate ships carrying volatiles from the rest of the group. Ships may break from their groups unless you approach and fire warning shots.

Some BLUE FORCE analysts believe that the real target of this operation may be Colonial Fleet assets. ACF may launch suicide attacks on our frigates using tankers or kamikaze ships. It will be up to you to disable - or, if necessary, destroy - these vessels. You may also come under fire from ship-launched anti-fighter missiles.

In the event that the destruction of civilian shipping becomes a military necessity, Raptor ESM units will jam outbound transmissions in order to contain rippling instability.

Mission 3 - Collateral Damage - light dogfight + raptor escort

Intelligence gathered from interrogation of captured hijackers points to an imminent NUCLEAR THREAT. ACF plan to detonate a weapon in Sagittaron's atmosphere, generating an electromagnetic pulse as cover for a wide-scale planetary insurrection. We believe that this weapon will be delivered from space.

The attack methodology is closer to a full-scale military operation than a characteristic insurgent strike. Using reprogrammed CYLOTRON drones from Sagittaron's Fleet training facilities, ACF forces will escort the warhead to its release point aboard an armored civilian vessel. As additional insurance, the ACF has placed thousands of hostages aboard and announced that this vessel is carrying political dissidents they intend to move to safety. We cannot unilaterally destroy the vessel without major political consequences.

You will lead a Viper squadron in an attack on the nuclear transport's escorts. These drones are not responding to shutdown codes and may be armed with live ammunition. You will interdict the drones, including any additional units which launch from the transport, and provide security as Marines close in and board the target.

We expect casualties among hostages and marines.

If the marine strike fails, destroy the target spacecraft. Disabling the vessel will only cause the ACF aboard to detonate the warhead.

Mission 4 - Decapitation - engage vipers and bolithos

Over the past eight hours, BLUE FORCE intelligence has tracked ACF's nuclear arsenal to a Fleet cache embedded in an asteroid at Sagittaron's leading Trojan point. We believe that the ACF has compromised and seized this installation, and that significant portions of their leadership may even now be aboard.

You will lead a full-on attack against the asteroid's defenses. Live ammunition and combat spacecraft were stored aboard, and two frigates slated for decommissioning were also moored nearby. Working in cooperation with your battlestar, you will conduct a fighter sweep and SEAD mission, targeting all ACF combat assets in the area for destruction. You are authorized to unilaterally destroy any civilian vessel attempting to leave the engagement zone.

In the event of an ACF NUCLEAR RELEASE you will provide close escort for your battlestar. We consider the live capture of these leadership elements critical to successful resolution of the insurgency.

Mission 5 -

I'd like to have a thematic followup that indicates the difficulty of suppressing a distributed insurgency by military force, but I don't have anything yet.

Okay guys, I don't feel like assigning missions so your first job as a dev team is to decide who wants which mission? :D

General Battuta:
This outline is a little sketchy and it's my fault!

I think it's obvious that M1 branches at the end when a civilian ship under hijacker control attempts to escape. You're forced to decide whether to blow it up or let it jump away.

Get to know and love the weapon-create SEXP! It can make any ship shoot missiles!


--- Quote --- Thank/curse at Battuta for this one. :p
--- End quote ---

Definitely not what I would have expected. Love it though.

As for the who gets what, I'm a bit partial to M1, since that would be all new for me. What about everyone else?

That's fine with me Suongadon.  I'm fine with just taking them in order.  I'll do 2A.  Do you guys have a general time frame in mind to do each mission?


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