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Blue Planet: War in Heaven Original Soundtrack
by Belisarius

Before we get to all the music, please let me tell you a little story about the circumstances of my participation and work for Blue Planet: War in Heaven.

More than a year has past since I joined the team of the Blue Planet developers and was given the chance to show my musical ambitions to more people than just me. In late 2010 I played BP: Age of Aquarius and was sheerly impressed by the mod campaign, so I talked to Darius, The E and General Battuta about the mod and we got to the music stuff used in this mod. They revealed to me that mostly tracks by well known composers are used and I got a bit suspicious about this little detail, because I'm German and in this country unauthorized use of music or other artwork is punishable as a crime. There is no fair use rule like in the US and maybe other countries, so I asked them if it's wise to do it this way, because I was worried that this beautiful mod could just vanish anytime, because of the - as it's called here - illegal use of artworks by others.

A short time later I was told that a musical artist would come in handy, so the mod doesn't just consist of others work in regards to the music, but also offers an individual soundtrack. I yet still was new to the entire musical creation scene, but I volunteered to help wherever I could and at the very same day I was incorporated I released my first track to the team, because it was urgent to replace a track in the Age of Aquarius mod, which you will find alongside others as a download on this thread. This seemed to have impressed the group and I was asked to do more which often lead to the fact that I sat hours and hours every day in front of my computer to create multiple tracks at once. This got me the nice title "Fastest composer in the west" as I sometimes released two or more tracks at the same day.

But there also has been a downside in my life in early 2012. In january last year I had a terrible accident at work which nearly got me killed. A forklift crashed into me and broke me some ribs and one of them spiked into my spleen. I was brought into hospital and got opened up. Then I stayed for about three weeks in the hospital to recover. In this time, and many months thereafter I neither couldn't work for my apprenticeship nor had I the chance to compose any new tracks and I was truly thinking of giving it all up, but I'm a man who loves music. I'm not just listening to it, I absorb it with every fibre of my being so to speak. I can barely express how much it means to me, so you will have to believe me. And my own music means even more to me. Some would say that I can't stand my own music, because I need to listen to it over and over again. Then I'd say that this is true, but only the listening part is, because I love my music. It gets better to me the more often I listen to it. So in july I started again to create new tracks and as it seemed I didn't lose my skill.

One more important thing I want to express is the fact that I'm never going to charge anything for my music. In my opinion music needs to be free for all. As mentioned above I love music and I want everyone to have complete access to it without any payment, so I can make as many people happy as possible. If you, however, feel the urge to pay something for what I've done or anyone else, please make a donation for this board. That helps all of us to keep up the good work and maybe even to enhance it.

Now, here we go with 17 tracks in total,
13 tracks as used ingame together with some remixes and extended versions,
3 tracks not yet used ingame as a bonus
and 1 masterpiece that Darius remixed for sheer epicness!
Tracklist and single download:
01 - Belisarius - Drum in Heaven (Intro - brief08) - 0:46 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
02 - Belisarius - Into Dark V1 (arp1) - 3:42 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
03 - Belisarius - Carbonised - 4:18 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
04 - Belisarius - The Very Beginning (AoA - errf) - 3:54 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
05 - Belisarius - Fighter (fighter3) - 4:00 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
06 - Belisarius - Violence - 1:48 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
07 - Belisarius - Fight, kill and die (direfailure) - 3:00 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
08 - Belisarius - The Fedayeen Victory (fedayeenvictory) - 4:27 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
09 - Belisarius - Fight, kill and die (Drum Version) - 3:12 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
10 - Belisarius - Extreme Violence (Violence Extended Mix) - 3:24 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
11 - Belisarius - Tension - 2:54 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
12 - Belisarius - Into Dark V2 - 2:37 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
13 - Belisarius - War in Heaven - 1:55 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
14 - Belisarius - Dreaming Warrior (Bonus Track) - 3:01 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
15 - Belisarius - Ballad of the Afterlife (Bonus Track) - 4:48 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
16 - Belisarius - Momentum - 4:00 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]
17 - Belisarius - Momentum-X (BeliDarius Remix) - 3:36 [MP3] [Ogg Vorbis]

Complete length: 55:25
Complete filesize MP3: 126 MB
Complete filesize OGG: 79 MB

Download the complete album as MP3: Google Drive FSMods Mirror
Download the complete album as OGG: Google Drive FSMods Mirror

Have fun!

Colonol Dekker:
Thank you :yes:

You got any album art?

Sorry, not yet. But stay tuned.

Thanks for all your hard work Belisarius, I've always been of a mind that music can be as important an aspect (if not more so) as graphics or writing for setting the emotional tone of the scene/mission, and I've always been impressed by the BP music selection. There's a reason I've had a Blue Planet playlist on my phone for the past 2 years that sees constant use.

AWESOME, Thanks!!!


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