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Couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd give this mission a shot or two.  I did my first intro/cinematic and it seems passable.  The area is more or less set-up, though I'm still tweaking the asteroid field and how the fleet depot is going to look.  The first few I attempted ended up corrupting the file, for some reason (only the models which were clipping the big asteroid and also had ships docked, though it could just be that I'm using WINE to run FRED2) but it seems to be playing nice now.  It's nothing spectacular but if anyone wants to mess with it, feel free!

Just so you know, I haven't been neglecting this one!  I've been trying to create a custom model for the fleet cashe, but I've hit a creative block in designing the docking bay (and I've yet to resolve the import-it's-*.pof-into-FRED issue I mentioned in my other thread), so we're playing pretend for now.  This is far from complete, but I figure it's time for an update since a lot of the mission design is laid out.  My to-do list so far includes cleaning up the launch, adding more radio chatter, fleshing out the civilian behavior, balancing issues, and streamlining the ACF engagement events.  After that I'll work on the ending, since I'm not entirely sure how I want that working out yet.

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Sorry for the necro, but since I've been begging for my own feedback, I thought I'd return the favor. And this was the only one still up...

On to it.

I like this mission. Lot's of guns going off, which is always a good thing. Seems pretty straight forward, too. I know it's a WIP, but I'll just point out some things I noticed/had trouble with.

I read a bit about the backstory for this mission, which helped. During the mission I felt lost, other than to not die (which I kept doing anyway :lol: ). Once the fighters are taken care of, it seems to be just a matter of waiting for the frigates to get cracked by the Sobek. Might be useful to add something there. I figure you'll add the directives as you go, because it sounds like the end of the mission isn't fleshed out yet.

One bug I ran into (I think) was that there was like a phantom enemy wing running around. I kept seeing tracers fly past, but there were no hostiles (by hitting "H"). I finally decided to figure out where they were coming from, and it was another Viper, but I couldn't target the thing even if I tried to target in reticle (Y-key). When I finally got waxed by this dude, the kill screen said it was Bravo-something that got me. My wingmates seemed to be able to hit them, and I could visually see them, so it was something to do with targeting. I don't know if the error is on my end or not, so it could be operator error on my end.

Overall, it felt balanced to me. There were enough fighters to keep you cautious, but not so many as to keep you hiding. I don't imagine the Vipers are going to be cap-ship hunting, because I tried that and failed badly. Eh, it's only digital lives...

I'd definitely like to see this finished.

Gave it a quick try myself and it definitely has potential. I'll look into it in more depth in a bit.


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