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Official discussion thread for the Into the Dark Waters and other things related to the mod.

Go ahead guys :D. We are open for questions and discussion.

Luis Dias:

Congratulations on hosting! I guess that means you have something to impress the admins. :) I don't suppose the first act is going to be ready to play anytime soon?

If not, then I'd like to know more about this project and how it intends to act as a follow-up to the story of FS2. Politics, motivations, history, etc. Posting "Intel" tech room entries intended to be available at the start of the campaign would be an excellent conversation starter.

And, as we've seen with Shadow Genesis, you really need a dispassionate editor on staff to maintain quality control from an early stage.

No :P. Believe me, Exile is nothing like Shadow Genesis. SG was just a first attempt at making megaproject and very partial success attempt at making high-quality mod.

Exile is something different. A mature mod, mostly inspired by top quality mods like Blue Planet, Vassago's Dirge etc. I would not insist on hosting if I don't have anything worth to be hosted here. We really made a progress since SG.

I'm not considering SG as a failure, but rather as a test. What community wants, and what our team really want etc. I don't want Exile to be judged through the SG, but rather as something that raised based on experiance gained from Shadow Genesis.

Into the Dark Waters is currently in Beta stage. We have full campaign fully playable, and soon we will begin beta testing.

I wonder how long it's been since we first started hearing of this "Mystery Project?" Feels like well over a year, is that right? I hope it is a success. :nod:


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